3 Tips To Be Healthier At Work

Looking for ways to keep yourself healthier and more fit at work? Read below to learn how employees can incorporate more health and fitness into their work days. Here are a few strategies to enhance your normal office movements, functions and activities. Everyone can benefit from these few simple tips!

1. Switch up your posture throughout the day. If possible, trade your desk chair for a yoga ball, standing desk, or treadmill desk. Hold meetings and conference calls as walks, meet outside or in a park. The extra movement will do you a tremendous amount of good. Get the blood moving – not only does it do your body good, but it increases blood flow to the brain and helps you to think better as well.

2. Take standing and walking breaks every few hours. It’s important to leave your desk periodically and walk around. These breaks from your desk are good for your eyesight, your muscles, and your overall wellbeing. In the long run, you will be more productive. Improve on this, and perhaps up your effort to an exercise break! Climb a few flights of stairs, for instance.

3. Lunch time! The best way to eat your lunch is to plan a walk or break during your day. Commit to eating lunch outside of the office. Going outside and walking to your lunch destination will give you a well-deserved breath of fresh air and break from a hectic day.

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For more information about corporate employee wellness and fitness go to:

Alison Griswold for Business Insider http://www.businessinsider.com/author/alison-griswold


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